Creating Zen

i am amazed that some of these images even make it to feng shui.. to me feng shui was all abt minimal.. and bare to be honest.. without much room for creativity.. feng shui rules make such decor sense.. 🙂

I am fond of decorating my surroundings.. and i love to see beauty around me.. and that is what i have done whereever and whnever i can.. but these days am limited with my budget.. which is not allowing me to use my creative heads at all.. i am not the sort of person to make this a liability.. infact.. i hate money to come between beauty around me and my designs.. 🙂

anyways.. it is still pulling me down it seems.. and thn i looked around n i decided that all i need around me is to create a Zen space.. which will be good for the baby as well.. so i started a little research.. to me Zen was abt.. flowing waters.. green plants.. declutter.. whiteness and bamboos.. but after a little research.. i was amazed to find out wat warm soothing colors go into creating Zen.. :).. wow wat can be better than that.. so here is wat i have learnt..

– the first thing i need to do is clear the clutter.. plants placed on the sides prevents the energy from stagnating there.. consider what memories objects hold for you and thn get rid of any negative associations.. even the clutter behind the doors effects.. work on the less is more policy..

– choose art and other objects that manifest what you want to see in your life.. hang your favorite piece of art on the wall opposite to your bed which will be the last thing that you see before going to bed and the first thing in the morning.. if your direct view is a messy closet.. thn block it with curtains or screen.. adn defintely no mirror in front of the bed..
– use of warm, rich earth and skin tones such as terra cotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan and cocoa for creating a cozy, creates welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. red and pink are colors of romance.. use them as accents and add shades like burgundy, eggplant, pomegrante and magenta.
– create a room that appeals to your senses.. light fragrant candles that infuse your senses.. invest in bed linnens such as silk and cozy cashmere.. play relaxing music and enjoy with your partner strawberry dipped chocolate.. or herbal tea or warm buttery croissants for two.. 🙂 how romantic.. i feel awed even writing all this.
and now all i want to do is feng shui my space.. all the best to me.. bytheway.. i love those gorgeous red curtains that are bottomed with black at the end.. lovely.. would look llovely in my new fengshui room

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