curtain call

i ran into this beautiful pic but failed to cite it or bookmark it.. if anyone knws how to make this curtains or who is the author of this idea plz let me knw.. coz this is gorgeous.. 🙂

P.S. i knw i need to pay more attention to crediting the photos.. my sincere apologies for not doing so.. will be doing that as soon as possible..

4 thoughts on “curtain call”

  1. I have seen that picture before, it's either from a Real Living magazine or maybe Better Homes and Gardens. Are you in Australia? I have looked through all of my real living mags but cant seem to find it though.

  2. thanku so much for taking time out and visiting my blog and also searchign for the missing link.. 🙂 no i dont live in Australia.. i live in Pakistan.. a country far removed from Austrailia.. 🙂 n most likely to meet in the cricket grounds..:) thanks again for all the effort i really appreciate it.. 🙂

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