Sooo.. What are You Doing These Days??

remember teh hideous image of the computer table that i used to wake up to.. 🙂 http://http// well here is a reminder.. if u dont remember.. i decided to use the table as a changing table for the baby with the rest of its wide space to be used as wardrobe for the little one..

blissfully for the couple of days.. that the table stayed out at the carpenters.. i woke up to this lovely image… :)..
and then the result.. chocolate brown table with two pull out cabinets.. and one for accessible everyday items in wicker baskets..
it still needs a lot more.. here are what i am craving and aspirign for…

what i am aspiring for is the balck in the nursery look.. well this is not entirely black.. but clearly bordering it.. 🙂 i need to mix it with white and yellow now.. white from the soft shapeless rug… like the one which Ariana of Becoming Homehttp://http// has used.. she used balck and white zebra print.. while i want plain white in the same..

her nursery room is an indpiration considerign the effort and thought and work she has invested in it.. 🙂 i feel guilty for not doing that good.. but am trying.. n i knw everything will be ready by the time baby comes.. which means really soon…
i want to make the cute felt hanging mobile the way Ariana did.. 🙂 the cloud.. and the flowers.. and the sun.. 🙂 n i am thinking of adding the felt flowers to it.. which Martha Stewart.. go to this link for everything that is Martha.. 🙂 and various ways to make these flowers.. 🙂
then i want a yellow Love poster by Jennifer Ramos of .. u can find the lovely posters here 🙂 i might not be able to get the original.. so am thinking of sth inspired by it.. mayb sth that me and osayed want to say to the baby written and framed.. 🙂
i love the other two posters as well.. the red one i want to gift osayed for his bday.. so i added it as well .. 🙂
hmmm.. so even after adding these things.. il still be missing the wicker rocking chair.. and the ottoman.. and .. welll i need more ideas that would lead me to my inspired nuresery.. 🙂 now this is giving me.. some urgent work to do.. 🙂
Any ideas and more inspiration anyone.. mine is the top right picture of the four nursery pictures i ran into.. 🙂 i want sth just like that.. 🙂 i mean impersonating that.. and again.. where can i get the original picture from.. i think it belongs to a fellow blogger as well..

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