Sooo… What are You doing these days?

Being nine months pregnant.. and apparaently sitting at home.. i have been frequently asked this question with an air of all sorts.. empathy.. disdain for having no work at all.. curosity.. i mean u name it.. and it has been the hardest for me to tell i have been running around throughout these 34 weeks.. 🙂 here is a little update on what i have been doing..

the first and the foremost was my collage project.. i wanted to seal the first timers of our 1adn a 1/2 year of our marriage in a frame.. before the arrival of the baby.. 🙂 i collected all sorts of things for this project.. coz this project was on my mind even before we got married.. here are a couple of things that i gathered.. first was the long rows of calling cards.. which osayed used to stay in touch after our engagement.. 🙂 we tlked for hours.. litterally hours.. and osayed spent a fortune on international and local calls.. to cover the time we were not together.. 🙂 it was beautiful.. long nights of chatting over the phone.. adn the hardest part to hang up at the end of it.. 🙂 ( awwww.. i can feel my baby curling up in embarrasment and disgust with mom and dad going all gooey.. :)..)

so the collage.. for some strange reason he collected some of these cards.. adn here they are the first two rows of them.. then there is the first flower that he gave me.. over sth we fought.. and which i have photos in my honeymoon.. then the love and hugs token.. the first sea shell we picked up on our visit to osayed’s fav hang out in UAE.. his fav beach.. the tag of the first sexy lingerie item he bought me.. champagne colored nightie with a black net gown.. sexxxxxy.. 🙂 the cute cards that he gave me on my first bday wid him.. adn the awesome surprise he gave me on our anniversayr… with a Basking n Robin cake.. n card.. 🙂
and the best surprise of all.. the our first valentines day gift.. where he home delivered a Nokia Express Music cell phone with a box of choc.. and complete complete surprise.. i still remember my surprise on hearing that there is a package waiting for me.. and.. i went down in my PJ’s to recieve it..:) and for the rest of the day couldnt conceal my xcitement till he got back from office.. 🙂 _btw i cooked him up a dessert with candles around and everything.. and he was surprised too.. :)_
there are tickets.. boarding pass whn we went to honeymoon.. the bus ticket which took me to our lovely home for the first time in Islamabad.. 🙂 where we spent our honeymoon period.. and loved every moment of it.. 🙂 Dubai Shopping Festival ticket.. there was the cinema ticket of the first movie we saw as well.. but i misplaced it.. 😦 .. the recipt of the first coffee shop we went to.. me being a coffe lover.. we went to dozens..:)
I arranged them all on a gift wrap osayed used.. and i punctuated them with our wedding bargains… the designers envelope who designed osayed’s outfit for the day.. its comment card.. 🙂 coz they were all in black.. and they looked chic.. 🙂 and that was all the space i had..
Oh i almost forgot.. the most special item of them all.. a heart shaped keychain.. which has a grain of rice with Ussamforever written on it.. 🙂 this was sth he bought from a craftsman.. and unfortunately couldnt fit the frame.. coz that needed depth.. so the keychain n the sea shell are safe with me.. ready to be framed in a gorgeous black frame.. which osayed chose.. 🙂
coz of the budget restraints this is all i could get.. i wish it had been mounted on black or sth.. so wat do u guys think of it.. holding all our memories together.. 🙂
there is this niche in my room which i have painted crimson.. with a black leather couch underneath.. u can see the changes.. 🙂 that i have made.. my piece of art looked art only in that crimson box rather thn the bare walls.. 🙂 so thts where it is now..
do let me knw wat u all think of it.. 🙂 eagerly wainting for ur views.. 🙂
P.S my apologies for the hazy picture quality.. all of a sudden it doesnt look that attractive now.. but it still holds all those precious things for me.. 🙂

this is one of the things that i did these days..

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