Sooo.. What are You Doing These Days?

the other thing on my to do list is to arrange this bookcase with all the books that i took out from the computer table.. again shown in the post.. i have three piers of the sort.. lets see where i go with it.. this is suppose to be done today.. i am half way through.. but lets see..

here are some of the images of bookcasese that inspired me.. the top one is from my friend Maria killam of Color me happy blog.. šŸ™‚ you can visit her blog here.. great job with the bookcase.. you can see the post about the bookcase here..

anyone has any howtos of creating this bookcase.. i mean i am using my observation completely.. and any ideas abt it as well.. i will definitely use Maria’s use of pot and the flower in it.. šŸ™‚ it looks lovely.. these corals add great flavor too.. do let me knw abt the suggestions..

and just as Maria’spost claims .. Happiness is… a Beautiful Bookshelf..

my Happiness ddepends on a bookshelf as well.. šŸ™‚

my bookshelf suffers from complete lack of creativity.. and is rather boring.. visit this site for a creative doze of bookshelves.. they are totally amazing..
and my only question to that rainbow bookshelf creator is that.. HOW the HELL did u do that?? šŸ™‚ its beautiful yes i knw.. but the other thing that i also need to knw is.. how did u do that.. šŸ™‚ visit to reach the creator.. šŸ™‚

Sooo.. what are You guys doing these days..??? šŸ™‚ do let me knw which projects and things are in the pipeline for u.. and which of them are keeping u occupied.. leaving u with a satisfactory meaningful answer for all.. šŸ™‚

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