10 things that make me happy

I can easily say flowers, sunsets, colors, sunrise, rain, green grassy fields, beach.. they all make me happy.. n indeed they do.. but right now i am looking for something out of the textbook truths.. everybody loves flowers and sunsets and rains.. they are gorgeous ofcoourse.. there are some other things that i love doing.. like

– a long powerful walk.. or some exercise.. like yoga or aerobics makes me happy.

– making use of my brain makes me happy.. from writing an article to enhancing my skills,

– blogging makes me happy.. đŸ™‚

– endless information available on the net makes me happy.. to surf n surf n find dozens of interesting stuff.

– taking a shower three times a day makes me happy..

– talking to my sis n mom n knwing that they are happy makes me happy.

– good posture n good clothes make me happy.

– eating well and staying fit makes me extremely happy.

– all sorts of designing clothes and interiors makes me happy.

– breathing makes me happy

these are the fulfilments that make me happy.. now lets talk abt the moments that make me happy..

– waking up to a sunlight filled room.

– the sensation in my muscles after a sweaty workout.

– drinking water when i am thirsty.

– spending endless hours in shopping and researching.

– harbouring positive thoughts.

– writing a good piece.

– myriad canopy of colours.
– devouring a chocolate cake with coffee.

– making endless lists of things.

– and ofcourse staring into my one month old daughters face and taking in the innocence n lovely little faces that she makes.. priceless
and i love these beautiful images.. that place looks exotic.. what a place for honeymoon.. or even vacations.. and i want that frock for ny little daughter cant wait for her to grow up and wear that exact samme color in that exact same way.. n the colors of the last pic are out of this world.. would love to admire the photographer..
wow it turns out i have way more than ten things on my list.. wait till i get them all
image source3 unknown

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