Apartment decor_ The how of where to get started

With all the creativity floating around and the plenty of ideas and beautiful images.. dont you think it is rather overwhelming to get started for a place.. esp for a workplace.. image after image had inspired me and staring into every image i wonder.. how will i get started with my own place.. what theme.. i would work with what color palate il choose.. what mood id want to create.. and all of these questions sounded enourmous.. coz i was spoilt for choice.. as is most other people.. this article posted on http://decorno.blogspot.com/ in here http://decorno.blogspot.com/2009/09/this-makeover-yes-or-n.html gave me a headstart..

it was a relief to knw that fashion people also face bland decor dilemmas.. like we do.. n that getting help is ok too.. however this article answered one importatn answer for me.. the one i used to wonder the most about.. How to decorate a studio flat..
Here are a couple of things i learnt from the article..
– while decorating an entire apartment from scratch.. Nate Berkins asked the client questions such as these.. country or city.. beach or park.. california or newyork.. dont exactly remeber the optins that he used.. but u get the idea right.. so do I.. and here they brought this technique to my attention.. and i love it.. it is an absolute sure fire way of finding out my style.. your personal preferences.. here the questions were.. fabrics or patterns.. lots of light from the window or not.. piles of books or shleved in rows
– start with what you have.. the absolute way to get started in your adobe is with your vintage posessions.. or even your most prized choicest posessions that you love.. and would love to turn them into an heirloom.. the trick is to give them a new look.. be it upholstering.. stripping or doing a paint job.. and you will save the dosh for splurges on the rest of the place.

– Divide the area in settings.. in this case it was done by a bookhelf.. a sitting area completed with chairs.. and a dining area.. i would have liked more storage space created somewhere.. but.. i guess she didnt need one..
– make a floor plan.. if anyone manages to figure all the hard questions above out.. What to do with the space? How to divide the space? this will nail it all on paper..
and the rest will fold itself.. i suppose.. and ofcourse then the favourtite part.. create corners and sufficient lightings with vintage lamps.. and unearth remarkable pieces of art that you identify with..

but that is not exactly a headstart.. that is the final touch.. which ofcourse is just as important..

images by Elizabeth Felicella for The New York Times

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