Coffee love with a little message

Imagine a perfect sunday morning.. gorgeous sunloght pouring through the windows.. and being lovingly awakened by your loved one with breakfast in bed.. complete with a rose.. spanish omelete.. and a steamy cup of coffee saying.. Marry Me!!!! or I love you.. OH MY GOSH.. adernaline is already runnign through my blood.. and making me blush.. what a beautiful morngin.. there is sth in my eye.. Oh Dear.. and how good it will do esp if someone is like making up or sth.. neeeeaaat.. i am definitely going to try this on my husband.. and well yes if anyone out there wants to win my heart.. namely my husband.. hint hint.. Id love this..
If you want to make this possible.. here is the recipe for doing it..
You need:
Capuccino or latte coffee (with foam), a cup, cinnamon, cocoa or chocolate powder, tea strainer or sieve and coffee stencil. If you do not have a coffee machine, which can produce cappuccino or latte coffee, you can use cappuccino or latte powder.
Decoration process:

1. Make cappuccino or latte coffee. Be sure that the distance between the foam and top of the cup is small. From it depend the picture quality.
2. Place the stencil on the top of coffee cup. As these coffee stencils are flexible, you can convex or concave them according the foam level in the cap.
Note: If the stencil during the process was affected by the foam – remove the stencil, wash it and place it in again.
3. Place in a sieve cocoa, cinnamon or chocolate powder and sift few times on the stencil.
4. Carefully remove the stencil.
5. Coffee is ready. Enjoy it!

I believe that you can create the stencil yourself as well.. using some butter paper and a paper cutter.. might have to try it myself first.. to be able to tell if this works for you guys or not.. it will take longer but if the message is that important than.. y not put in extra effort.. and well sorry if i am cutting out sales or anything.. just couldnt repress my crafty self..
here is a compelte tutorial from the website where this ingenious idea for coffee lovers came from.. and this i stumbled upon from our great blogger.. Made by Girl.. thank you made by girl.. you can visit her tremendous blog here..
N needless to say my mouth is drooling for these delicious treats.. what beautiful photography
image source Made by girl

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