A table is an empty canvas filled by the artist.. I read this concept somewhere and agreed with it hundred percent.. and therefore i deem tablescape creating artists Tablescapers! ( i am not even sure if this is even a word)

My inspirations for tablescapes.. From the blogville Anna of Absolutely beautiful things and Maria Killam from Color Me Happy are the Queens of tablescapes.. And i am sure everyone is familiar with them.. just look at these beautiful tables.. lets talk about Anna first.. I think she can put together a table in a minute.. well her friday flowers post definitely speaks that.. both of them have fantastic posts under the label tablescapes.. Anna’s posts can be reached here..

  • Her tables are a picture of all the pretty pieces that she owns.. displayed dramatically.. even the smallest item comes into play.. from her i have developed the knack of looking for details in pretty small things.. i am proud to say that i own those lovely boxes displayed alongwith the miniature Eiffel Tower.. If anyone is interested I can provide these.. Contact me for information..
  • I developed a love a flowers from her.. I loved flowers always.. but how important they are in a tablescape or brightening up a corner.. is certainly what only Anna has taught me with her beautiful use of flowers.. I mean who else posts flowers every friday set perfectly in a beautifully done vigenette??..
  • Cultivated love for blue and white pieces.. and silver trays.. no one can beat Anna in the collection and display of blue and white ceramics.. Inspired by her I created a blue and white vigenette at my mothers home as well.. (wish I could share the photos but dont have them rigth now.. darn!!)
The most insightful article on tablescapes I have ever read.. Maria Killam blogger and a friend is not only a talented designer but is also extremely good at nailing the core issues of design and blogging.. her blogs are where I have learnt the most_ from blogging ettiquetes to Tablescapes!
A must read post by Maria Killam

Maria considers three required elements to create a tablescape.. Books, Flowers and Candles. Her inspirations are Ralph Lauren, David Jiminez and Jeffery Billhuber.. Well those are great names in the design world and definite inspirations.. But Maria is MY Inspiration..

  • I absolutely love the Jug filled with orange Juice.. ( can anyone tell me where I can get that..) and the tablescape created around it.. Extreme marvel..
  • image 5 the simplest tablescape Il ever fall in love with.. two candles a book and a jar filled with color coordinated flowers..
  • her use of twigs.. she took the inspiration and made it her own.. well i too have a thing for huge greens indoors and i have huge palm leaves displayed in the foyer.. (pictures not available right now.. unfortunately) but i havent used them in a tablescape as yet..
  • image 7 she describes as this

Here it’s a triangle again with the coral on a stand, the adorable glass stand with the cookies, the curvy, sexy teapot and a book holding the cup and saucer to add a splash of colour as well as create the effect of a ‘tray’.”

There are two more images that i have inserted which do not belong to either of the two artists..
  • image 12 from Simply Beautiful.. It has been put together extremely well.. and i love the effect it creates
  • image 19 whose source is unknown.. but i just cannot stop marvelling the effect this table is creating beneath a staircase.. How gorgeous it would look in a foyer.. a dramatic statue, greens and some books can do wonders on a round wooden table.. most certainly

I am dying to create my own tablescapes with the few objects I own.. But no flowers.. therefore no pictures.. be sure to view my Anna and Maria inspired tablescapes when i manage to find the right flowers or create the right canvas.. I hope these images inspired you just as much as they inspired me to create your own.. Have fun

images 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,20, 21 absolutely beautiful things

images 5,6,7,8 Maria Killam “Color me Happy”

image 12 Simply Natural (I am not sure about the source but this where I got it from)

image 19 source unknown (If anyone knows the source of the image can you please inform.. I am dearly in love with it.. and its unfortunate not to be able to appreciate the owner or the creator of it)

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