Sweet Retreat

Today i had a lazy day.. I gave myself a break from evreything and spent my whole day feuling my recipe file.. endorsing something that I love other than blogging.. Cooking.. I am always trying out new recipes.. and adding them to my recipe file.. there is always one or two things in my head which i need to try out urgently.. food and entertaining is also my love other than blogging.. I believe in the theraputic and cathartic attributes of cooking.. I believe it heals a person.. if you are in a bad mood.. your spirits are down.. look around.. and try out somthing which looks tempting to you .. or something with which you associated comforting memories of childhood.. like meatballs and sapghetti.. chocolate fudge.. trust me.. if you give yourself upto it.. and throw yourself into making of it.. the ummmms and ammmmms of everyone eating will surely give you a boost.. if not your taste buds.. But the rule is it has to be something that you savour.. either by looking at it.. or by thinking of it..
Today I downloaded several of recipes that id love to try out for my family.. some were italian.. macaroni pie.. spaghetti pie.. and some were Pakistani.. like sheer khurma and gulaab jamun.. If you havent tried those.. trust me you need to..
Gulab jamuns are the little dumplings in the sugary syrup and they are yummmmmmy…
and sheer khurma is milk with vermicelle..
you can find both the recipes with the links given..try them and create your own sweet memories with them..
BTW.. there is this cookie contest on delish.com.. with this cutest cookie pic in the world.. you can go to delish.com for more details.. tempting pic isnt it..
image 1
image 2

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