Mommy Talk

I have been increasingly busy with my sweet little angle lately and after a while I left her today with her grand parents for a dinner out.. It was fun but am so accustomed to be around my baby and she being around me.. there is this tell tale pang of guilt of me leaving her.. to ward off mommy feelings or maybe to reinstate my motherly feelings i kept running into the other fellow mommy bloggers out there therefore.. here is the lot that I enjoyed the most..
First there is design mom ofcourse( .mother of five children and owner of a design website which id nothing short of marvellous.. then there is wifestyle files( a great blog that enjoy reading and coming back to very much.. wifeystyle files have this energy about it which is infectiousnand inspirational.. being a mommy means sharing the sentiments and feelings of motherhood alongwith the joys of creativity.. and the post about the loss of her unborn child moved me to tears completely.. felt the tremors and remorse of a mother all inside me.. truly worth reading..
Besides the above two fabulous blogs today I ran into this one amazing blog which has been posted in several great blogs but has somehow missed my attention.. Domestic Reflections.. (

Check out her beautiful home featured in simply lovely here

Love the home.. Loved the kids.. and loved the blog.. this is a lady i tell you who has got everything running.. and is enjoying every little thing with her babies..

I hope all the mothers out there enjoyed the companionship of fellow bloggers as much as i did.. as a goodbye note here is another great post by fellow blogger who is in the process of having one of her own.. and she created this list for the baby essentials which is totally worth looking into.. the list is absolutely essential and extremely useful.. anyone who is a mom or a wannabe mom or a would be mom.. should read this post for sure..

Speaking of babies.. my little one is making those precious little ccooes.. and is all smiling and gargling.. her recent development.. raising her neck up.. and holding her foot and turning into a little ball.. 🙂 so sweeet.. Mashallah
image source simply natural

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