Lonny Magazine

I have absolutely no idea how people manage to read  in a single go or even in a day. I have completely and utterly failed to do that so far. I mean I simply cant seem to get ahead unless i have zoomed into every miniscule of the mag. It is loaded with fun creativity. Here is what i have managed to digest so far.

I ran into this awesome blog featured in Lonny Magazine My Dog-eared pages which has THE most comprehensive gift guide posted on it. Gift Guide 2009 I dont know about anyone else but i am bookmarking this page. This list stirred up my imagination and opened me to several wonderful creative options.

Lonny also introduced me to Nathan Turner. I am mesmerized by his interiors and entertainment pages, which you can view here.

By the way does anyone know what Lonny stands for? This was a question which was very rightly raised and answered by non chalant mom. The word “Lonny” is a combination of London and Newyork. Aha there rings the bell. Yes that explains the rather funny name for an interior magazine.

Anyways, I have managed through about 50 pages so far drinking in everything that is there. How far have you reached?

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