Must read blogs: Photography

Here is THE most extensive blog post about photography EVER. A Must visit post for all the bloggers out there. And if you are someone who just wants to have fun with your photos than this is the place to be. This is where you would find out what are the best available options out there for our photographical needs.This would be my New Year gift to you! 🙂

The one I have chosen for myself out of what looked like dozens of online programs is, Picnik, which is used in flickr. But there is lots for everyone virtual haircuts, animations, collages, magazine covers great fun stuff!! Its really amazing.

Here is what I have created for myself: An inspirational collage for Our Home!! Yes this time of the year I was completely busy with this new place we are buying. (Details soon to come). Completely overwhelmed with the density of the project, and excited as well. So here is my first collage that I have created.

What do you think? Pretty cool hunh?!

Happy New Year Everyone !

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