How to organize magazines?

The most pressing organization challenge: HOW to arrange those piles of magazines you love so much? How about this: I am always always in search of ideas to arrange my hoard. And here are some fantastic ones I found.

There is always the option of displaying them on the ottoman or on the sideboard stacked neatly in a box or a wooden tray.

But I am completely overhauled by this ladder for magazines. What a neat way to store and display your beloved collection. That is the best solution in my opinion which doesnt say high maintainence written over it.

I also love this bedside table which has a separate curve to create space for your nightly magazine tosses from the bed. Isnt this awesome! All your current faves within an arms length from your bed!
Any ideas or suggestions on this issue of arranging the magazines would be welcome. Do let me know how do you manage your stacks around the house? What is your favourite magazine organization method, nook, corner?
Have a lovely day!
image source: image 1 inside home
                     image 2 absolutely beautiful things
                     image 3 inside home
                     image 4 design within reach

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