These are my thrift shop finds!!! Aren’t these great!! and for the prince i got them I was in skies.

I was lucky enough to find the great vintage wrought iron lamp in pair, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the pair of the leather lamp. But i loved it so much that i vowed to make use of only one somewhere around the house.

And the little glass vase, which I hope you can see, was am amazing deal as well.

So? What do you think? what are your recent thrift finds? Anything you are excited about?

image source: me

3 thoughts on “Thrift!!!!”

  1. I don't do much thrifting, but I've made a couple of good finds on Kijiji. And I'm always looking around now for things that I can re-purpose.

    You found some great pieces. The glass vase is my favourite. It's really pretty 🙂

    Thanks for entering our giveaway and putting the link in your sidebar. That's two entries for you!! 🙂


  2. I love thrifting. There are a few places around town that have days where everything is 50% off! I think all of your lamps are really great finds. The leather is a conversation piece.

    Thanks for stopping by BluLabel Bungalow and for your kind words!

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