Living room sofa: Petrie sofa

Isn’t Petrie sofa, from Crate and Barrel, the most classic yet chic canvas to paint the whole room around? I find it the most neutral and the most versatile and pratical piece of furniture which has the capability to transform itself with the look of the room!! Here are some of the many looks which can be created with Petrie Sofa:

To add more interest there are several key pieces that add accent with the Petrie sofa:
Petrie single seater


petrie ottoman
Here are some amazing collages put together to create the entire room around te Petrie sofa.
 In the first look i won’t use the same lamp, and as for the fabric of the chair I might use chevron or trellis or something else in black and white rather than this. But otherwise I am all for it.

 I won’t change anything from this look ‘but only add a beautiful coffee table and some white curtains or some amazing fabric pop in a cushion or a throw and voila! Just gorgeous! Don’t you think?!

I am not sure if this collage has been created around Petrie sofa, but how darn well would it go with the it!! Its like it has been created just for Petrie sofa! The coffee table, the stool the lamps everything is just perfect I won’t change aything from this except for the sofa!!
This in my opinion is folks the example of best livin room sofa EVER!!
image source: image 1,2,3 Crate & Barrell
                     image 4 shoot factory Uk
                     image 5 element of style
                    image 6, desire to inspire
                    image 9, 11 house of turquoise
                    image 10   what make me happy!
                    image 12   apartment therapy
                    image 13
                    image 14   ohio design company
                    image 15   nesting coffee table
                    image 16   design world
                    image 17 Nora’s living room aphrochic
                    image source elements of style created by me
               image Jennifer Annistons living room look from elements of style

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