1st Birthday Party Ideas

The two projects that I am working on right now. One, the bigger one, is to arange a costume birthday party for my sweet little angel Inayah on her first birthday in Ummm August. Yes its not that close but when ambitions are high and budget is small all you can do is careful planning and loads of crafting. Which is exactly what I am doing here. Love these paper mobiles and I would definitely want the circle one for thge chandelier above the main table.
I googled paper mobiles and got some ideas going. I might be ommittng the circular rod and use the two intersecting bamboo sticks instead and the fishing rod and well I dont know about which paper to use. Need to look up on that.

Did I mention that the other project was to acccentuate the room I am currently living in right now. To be posted soon. 🙂

Image source: image1 Caitlin Wilson design: Style Files
                      image 2 & 3 Daily Designs

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