Thailand: Suan luam night market

On my recent trip to Thailand I realized its a paradise for bargain hunters and decorators!!! There is so much to shop!! and roam about! Everything there speaks culture and handicrafts! I had an absolutely amazing and crazy time running around with my daughter Inayah.

I especially loved the famous night markets famous in Thailand, They are AMAZING!! and real Fun. You can bargain upto 50 % !! or less if you are that good at it Here are few of my fabulous finds

I just could’nt resist these candles. Are’nt these just amazing! They can perk up any off white bathroom with chocolate accents! Well thats what I intend to do! The street markets of Bangkok were full of assortment of these candles in all shapes and sizes. And they just looked so amazing in each one of them.

An assortment of these lamps which looked equally beautiful and are perfect for a lovely night glow!

A pair of these wooden screens. The elephant was on everything imaginable: cushions, tablemats, tssuepaperoxes, screens, … everything!! And it looked pretty on all of them.

 I wanted to use these screen to create a cabinet door for another chocolate accent in thge same off white bathroom but the sizes turned out to be bit smaller than intended! Lets see how this works out now.

I hope you enjoyed them. Still more to come in later posts!

Have a wonderful day ahead!!

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