Chevron DIY

A couple of days ago I mused about my desire to actually WAnt a chevron print somewhere in my surroundings. And quite recently I bumped into this avsolutely fantastic DIY on a chevron printed tray!! on thge blog  everything leb

Isnt this just amazing!!! The perfect pop of chevron and a home for your all essential keys and lettters and everything!! Amazing!! The post came with the complete diy and everything in pictures. You can view the complete post here

And just to make thge matters even way way better there in the archive I discovered another object of covet and obsess about: A tea box completely transformed with some paint and cloth into this beautiful art


I am not much of a craft person, but the bloggers here are so amazing and so talented that you guys just motivate me to or i should rather say make me burn with the desire of owning or creating these things. Therefore pushing me into the world of crafting!!!! Can’t wait to get down and get my hands dirty for these lovelies!!

To view the complete how to do on the box visit here. Or for more fabulous Diys just pop over to the blog Everything LEB ( the link given above)


Image source: everything leb

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