Happy cooking!

These days I am all about sharpening my cooking skills, and well here is what I did today!

Lemon Tart

Something I had set my eyes on for a long while.. and it was something which I wanted under my belt for a long time. Unfortunately could not take the image of mine.. but it looked something like this.. turned out scrumptious.. and no one is more pleased than I …

Definitely under my belt now..

And some fried chicken..  a weakness I relish and savour.. I am so inspired by the flaky crust that the recipe features but which I failed to produce.. This is so darn frustrating.. there is one thing a girl wants.. fried chicken in a flaky crust but this just doesn’t happen..
Fear not.. coz the strive for the perfect chicken is still on.. and that day is close when this trait will be under my belt as well…

neways it was fun running around and cooking these temptations… just what counts the most…

Here is to happy cooking!


image 1www.jenius.com
image 2 thelovingspoonful

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