Mooi version

What is one to do if the heart desires Mooi and the budget won’t allow?

Here is what I did.. Created my own version with the help of not so simple technique.. but here is what I got 

Pretty happy with the results and it works very well with everything..
What you need to make this light is
  • an exercise ball, or i used my daughter’s inflatable ball
  • yarn, 
  • wall paper glue,
  • gloves and mat,
  • Vaseline.
The procedure is very simple:
1. rub Vaseline all over the ball.
2.Draw a circle on top of the ball to insert light.
2. Dip yarn in the glue.
3. Now start wrapping it around the ball
4.Make sure you use gloves in order to avoid disastrously glued hands.
5. When the ball is wrapped enough, leave it overnight to dry.
6. Deflate the ball and you will have your pretty Mooi inspired pendant of your own

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