Here I am sitting in front of the computer reminiscing 2010.. and thinking What DID i do in 2010? Here are the major goals met in the year 2010..

1. Created two dessert tables and a 3D soccer ball cake for my sweetie pie.. something I never imagined I could ever!!

The fact that I made the fondant as well was more than AMAZING!!!.. It turned out very satisfying the way the fondant rolled into the hexagonals and the way these hexagonals shaped up.. And yes I make the best mud cake ever! No doubt in that..

2. I also loved doing the dessert table for the wedding.. Something I never thought of doing as well!! The greek pattern bordered panels for the backdrop turned out to be my favorites.. there were some problems in the overall management of the event.. but a good wholesome experience..

3. Went to Dubai on routine trip.. and Thailand as a bonus

4. Decorated my room for the first time! Made the mood board, ordered furniture, crafted a few things.. Its not complete as yet.. but here is the sneak peek..

5.  Was interviewed with Casa Hamza.. I consider this an acomplishment in itself to be short listed on the basis of a blogger.. It was a dream come true actually meeting Hamza Tarrar the man who has build a place for himself amongst all these master minds..

There were some interesting questions in the interview.. so il be sharing them all here.. and there are some design details which I had been dying to share here.. perhaps in the next post..

6. Got done with my sister-in-law’s wedding.. in which i was completely busy looking pretty!

Take care everyone!

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