DIY room makeover

For the last couple of days I was at my moms place for a visit and awaiting some long due paper work.. and was free most of the time, so I took up two or actually one projects to complete during my sojourn.. The wall in my room, which was opposite to the bed! It had a makeshift Inayah’s dresser.. which was always a huge mess as it turned out to be the best dumping spot in the room.. It was a real eye sore, not exactly the prettiest sight to wake up to..
Here is the before pic.. in its good days

So my inspiration was..

   image source  madebygirl  

                                                                                               image source  caitlinwilsondesign          

I wanted to do this chevron wall in soft blue and than place the black couch(which i had in the other corner of the room before) in front of the wall and acceroise with these cushions..
So here is the after..

The cushions and the walls are a DIY, whose tutorial I am going to post real soon.. Meanwhile let me know what do you think?
Have a wonderful, cheerful,blissful Monday!

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