Hey All.. yuup the oscars.. all over!! I am not usually that interested in oscars.. they are too much of a hype for me.. but the only thing I am interested in is the gowns of the ladies! and here are the two which caught my eye today.. the ones I wish to be in or somehow create a semi version of it!

Anne Hathaway
Gosh! I just looove her gown! And Hailee Seinfield

I am not like entirely crazy about this one, but she looks so cute and so pretty and I love the feminity of it… and I think I can use it as an inspiration for some of my own creations!

I also loved the gown that Amy Adams was wearing.. I think I am totally crazy about this color.. This looks ammazing!!!

What were your Oscar picks?!

All images via wonderwall

One thought on “Oscars!”

  1. i'm all about the dresses, too…but i missed most of the show this year…i need to go back and look at all the pictures 🙂
    all the best

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