Weekend reads!

Just got a rather HIIGGH dose of creativity from these e zines.. You know those days when you just don’t feel inspired by anything and suddenly you find a gud zine and pages after pages leave you mesmerized and itching to get you off your chair and start working!

Enjoyed High Gloss immensly. brought back to me my earliest love and one of my favourite blogs absolutely beautiful things.. I remember everytime I would visit that blog il get a smile on my face and my mood will soar and my mind will start floating in colors and beauty and pretty things! it was such a far cry from my taste and yet it speaks to me.. now all  I want is a canvas a neutral pallette for me to create a space full of fun accessories and warmth.. a moodboard coming in shape in my head.. needs to be followed up soon..

Anyways here is high gloss for you to enjoy!


The other magazine that caught my eye was a wedding magazine not a design magazine but I do tend to find inspiration in table settings and you know tips and tricks in acquiring a great wedding and just look at this beautiful image!

Can you imagine what a beautful day would it be!

here is the source of the image and all the ideas!

And this e-zine is just amazing! married or not, engaged or not I think this magazine has enough for all to covet! fabulous DIYs and great tablescapes and ideas to spruce up any party! Loved it.. It has tons of stuff and whooping 265 pages full of it.. still going through mine.. why dont you grab yourself some monday inspiration!


Have a fab productive week ahead!

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