black and white bedroom inspiration

Here are some of the inspirations for the black and white room that I am designing for myself here in Dubai! Really excited about the project coz this would a clor scheme which is pretty close tomy heart and goes limitless in its look and creativity! Some eye candy!

Black and white tufted headboard,
monogrammed duvet,
white sunburst mirror,
bench at the foot of the bed,
geometric black and whitefabric, white side tables, white curtains with black trims.

Turquoise walls, black and white trimmed pillows and curtains, black and white geometric art and bold patterned duvet, white lamps.

dark statement walls, white decals, monogrammed pilows, black and white accent pillows, chrome pendant statement light

White room with black edges and turquoise accents, white tufted headboard with black rim, turquoise bench at the foot of the bed, black and white roman patterned shades, turquoise lamps

Tufted headboard, in neutral with accent color highlight, neutral wall, accent gray lamps and pillows and the bench at the foot of the bed, variation in the accents, lchrome lamps brocade cushions, patterned fabric all in the same hue.

Turquoise geometric wallpaper, groupings of photos in black and white, tufted headboard, chrome lamps, white shades, black and white trimmed covers, accent color duvet, white an black rug, white curtains.

dark walls, white and black headoard, white mirror, bold black and whtkie patterend accents, crystal lamps, black shades, white sidetables, table as the bench

Black and white bold wallpaper, white base and black trimmed cushions, yellow accents, tufted headboard, white sideboard, white and black textured rugs

image 1 shelter
image 2 houseofturquoise
image 3 desiretoinspire
image 4,5 signedbytina\
image 6 unknown
image 7 unknown

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