I thought it would be a great start to a Monday by sharing some gorgeous pics. Here is the beautiful Sharjah skyline at a light festival held here in Sharjah. The whole building was illuminated with a simple projector!

Seeeee!!! It was a marvellous show! with lights and effects and stories!

The buildings looked so beautiful it was surreal! It was amazing how a little bit of imagination and hard work turned these architectral masterpieces into art to marvel!
I wish Osayed (my husband) had taken a closer view of this! How beautiful it would have looked on my desktop screen saver!

The light show was accompanied by the dancing fountains as well.. And with the right music they told the entire history of U.A.E on these walls! Amazing Don’t you think!

And here is a little bit of my honey bun Inayah! These days I am hard at work at my quaintessetial photography skills for the blog. Not surprisingly my husband Osayed is so much better at it. And SURPRISINGLY! I am finding this sorta difficult task to handle! But I am bent_ hard or not I am gonna be there.. These days you will find me running around the house with my nikon camera dangling from my neck and the camera manual in my hand taking shots evvverywhere. Just trying to figure out the aperture, and the white balance story!
This image was taken by husband!

And here is my shot!

hmmm Getting better! At least from where I started from! If only I had managed to capture a better look and at an angel which would hide the imerfections of her look rather than highlighting the dangling hairpins and the wet shirt front!

But What the Heck! Here it goes my photography  week!

I will be head over heels in photography and will keep you posted! Wish me all the luck possible!
Have a fabulous week ahead!

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