Inspiration: Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things!

Her quirky pink wallpapers!

Her beautiful collections and tablescapes!
Her GORGEOUS!! GORGEOUS!! chairs!!!!
Her ginger jars and blue china and boxes!!

Her choice of water color paitings!

Her mismatched cushions!

Her shop Black and Spiro!

And ofcourse we all love her for bringing us friday flowers!
For Alll these reasons and many more Anna Spiro is the One and only one person, who is my earliest inspiration, and the only one person who inspired me to start my own blog! I love her style , the colors, the mismatched patterns, the blue china and ceramics. Everytime I am at her blog I am inspired in whole new ways!
For this reason I have decided to spruce up a room Anna Spiro Style! I really hope I can accomplish that, coz my personal style is a bit more modern and minimalist than hers. But for once in my entire life I want a room fuullll of pattern and fun objects and cushions and ceramics and evvvverything over the top and ofcourse ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!
And I do happen to have the perfect setting to do that!

Really just close your eyes and imagine for a second this room filled with quirky obects from Black and Spiro!

I am suuuuuper excited! this is going to be a real fun project!! I really hope I can come up to the expectation!

This is my mom’s lounge which has plenty of fun basic furniture items, but is bare when it comes to accessories! I am so looking forward to the awesome patterns and cushions and tablescapes that can be brought into this place to spruce it up! Cherishing, loving and  planning for every detail possible!

I will be posting other inspirations and finds as well as the moodboard soon!

Here you can enjoy the amazing dose of inspiration from absolutelybeautifulthings! Enjoy!

All images, except the last three, courtesy absolutelybeautifulthings

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