Ultimate Blog Party!

Its the time to party! And that too a blog party!!

I am so excited to be a part of it.. Although I fear that I might be a little late in joining in! However better late than ever.

Thankyou for dropping by my site. I hope you enjoy your time here and find some inspiration..

I am Samia.. currently a stay at home mom to a snazzy toddler girl! My husband is a really sweet guy who is total fun to be around and like a real best friend! I-share-every-dirty-little-secret-with-him sorta guy.. Three years into the marriage and so far it has been a fun roller coaster ride.. He is an SAP consultant, which means that we move around thge globe from project to project. In these three years we have moved 9 times!!, packing, repacking, unpacking included ,sometimes on a days notice!!

I started blogging during pregnancy, due to lack of work for me and abundance of inspiration here in the blog world. I just had to join in to contribute my part. It has been a wonderful journey. I am learning at every step and figuring things out for myself.

This blog is primarily about interiors and design coz I am obsessed with it, but knowing myself it branches into a little bit of crafting, some photography, party plannings, table setting and daily inspirations. However at the end of the day the most important job of our lives takes over and that is being a mommy!! So you will find a bit of mommy stuff there too..

I am excited about joining into the blog party! You can join in as well and win some fabulous prizes for yourself as well!! the likes:

A full blog design!!!
A complete blog makeover!!

Best of luck with that! And hope you join in on the fun and hope you come back again as well!!

All the best!

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party!”

  1. I was late to the party too! 🙂
    9 moves in 3 years, wow! I have move from Illinois to Virginia to Texas in the past 5 years and I thought that was a lot, but you have me beat! More power to you!
    It was nice to meet you!

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