Lahore Fort

During my visit last week one of the marked feature of the Mughal Empires that we visited wasThe Lahore Fort. With its marvellous architecture and engineering techniques, it never cease to inspire and enthrall me.. The grandeur, the art genius, the luxurious lifestyle reflected through every stone and carving.. Everything just speaks for itself of the glorious times!
Front gate of Lahore Fort
The entire old city of Lahore boosts amazing cultural and antique shops, that are a treat for locals and vistors . Here are some of the fantastic inspirations I found in the shop! Believe  me there were tons! Everytime I visit this place I vow to do a place which showcases around the grandeur and the antiquity of the Mughal era! Wow that would be such a dream home! Imagine a bathroom inspired by Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors) where one candles lights up the entire room!

I leave you with some great Monday morning inspiration!
Have a lovely morning!

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