Pretty Outdoor Party!

Speaking of parties! I Love this amazing outdoor fete featured by thesweetestoccasion. I Love the completely homely and welcoming feel of it, and what a relaxing night it would be for friends to come over and for the weekend! Even if you are ordering pizzas and coke its still worth setting up this place. so chic! 
And what i love about it is that it is completely doable! All you need is some mismatched chairs, wornout outdoor table, ferry lights, bottles and empty vases for centerpieces, a runner of leather for the table, some hodgpodge printouts for the table mats, mosaic tiles as hot plates and some wooden crates to hold your cups and glasses. Unblieveable! Those sound like household items and bits of creativity to me!  

I am sorry! I could’nt help it! I loved them all so much that I could’nt resist posting them all! The only thing missing is a projector with old photos and memories and laughter of your closest friends and pals!! What a perfect night! 🙂

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