Pretty Outdoor Party: Ingredients

I was stuck with this pretty little party that I posted last night. You can view all the pictures here. So today I decided to scour the net and find all the ingredients which would make this party! And I found some pretty great stuff!!

Read on to find out!

1.The first ingredient that you need for a pretty outdoor party is one large chunky rustic dining table.
2. Than you need an assortment of vintage chairs, wrought iron or wooden that is your call. You can paint them different shades or colors of black, brown, white charcoal grey or royal blue. Or for more exquisite and bold touch you can paint them canary yellow, pink and blue!

3. The first accessory for this table would be a hand painted morrocan tile used as a coaster!! I Love Love Love this ideas and the prints are amazing!!! Do check out the link below the picture to this amazing site where you will find tons of inspiring morrocan patterns and prints! 

4. I love Caribou Coffee and insired by their cute napkins you can also design your own napkins or table mats. Take a large piece of paper and pen draw something on it. Make photocopies and place them in front of the chairs on the table! You can print them out on napkins as well or you can have a pen ready and encourage everyone present to go ahead and unleash their creativity. It can be an awesome momento of the party!
5. Complementing to the earthen theme of the party this DIY jute table runner looks simply amazing! You can find the tutorial by clicking on the link below the pic.. There is some seriously fabulous stuff featured in Tara Dennis blog! Do check that out starting from the table runner ofcourse!
6. And ofcourse some pretty fairy lights!  

7. Instead of just some white votives scatter some of these beautiful lanterns around for a beautiful glow and a doze of rustic!

8. For the centerpieces, simply gather some empty jars and bottles and fill them up with gorgeous vibrant colored daisies and peonies! 
Or you can paint them as well with this very simple DIY by  magpie paper works! Just follow the link below the picture!
9. Ofcourse the natural choice to hold the drinks would be wooden crates! For the mason jars, fairy lights, lanterns, and the crate and so many more things my go to is I have blogged about them before  save on craft. I spent hours surfing the site and selecting all my favourite pieces! The prices are great! their stuff is fabulous and there is looooaaads of inspiration there! So do go check that out (Note: I am not being paid for these words. This is just my personal opinion)
9. For additional oomph and interest serve your guests the food on chopping borads! Ofcourse the chopping board should be new and it should’nt have much chopping on it! 🙂
11. Finally I would love to dramatize this place with some vintage fabric scattered around in the form of cushions and drink table cover or maybe on the floor for some lazying around or to lay down and watch some movie or old pics on the projector!
I do hope that this post sparks someone else’s imagination as well coz I would love to see more inspiration or maybe an actual setting or a party! For me *sigh* alas I have to wait for a balcony to perhaps grow out of my apartment or something!!
Have a fabulous day ahead!

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