Vintage Fairies: Free Blog backgrounds!

It has been a really inspiring morning so far! One of those days when you hit the jackpot.. In mycase its graphicsfairy. The blog is amazing, and you find tons of vintage stuff, posters, printables, bottle labels, all for free! Whether you hold interest in vintage labels or not, it is totally worth a click! I am sure you won’t be able to stop and you will find several great ideas to use them as well!!!

Here are few of my picks!

You can find looots of interesting stuff there and tutorials to use them as well! for instance this vintage label+a hand towel= turned into a pretty little french towel!! for the tutorial go here.

I would love to do it on table mats or sack cushions or napkins, or pillows, or tote bags, or favor bags, or runners maybe! on anything basically!! towels ofcourse look equally good as well!!
The other fairy i met today was and is backgroundfairy, and I must say that these are some extremely generous and talented women! On this amazing site you will find great vintage background anad rexpective headers all for free!! And there are simplest of tutorials to teach us how to go about installing them in our sites as well!! I must say that I was in desperate need of all this blog equipment!! I have been on this site for more than an hour and i am not done yet!! I just keep going on and on! and I advise you to do the same!

Go here to find some of the free stuff!

Have a fabulous day ahead!!

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