Inspiration: Yellow and lime

My todays inspiration is this cute girls apartment! It comes from a Hindi movie, I rarely noticed the hindi flick sets! But this one really popped my eyes! I mean seriously I could not focus on the movie just wanted a better look at the look and all the detailings. I looked up over the net and could not find the name of the set designer or the gallery of the set! I had to take the stills off the movie clips and well they are with their inadequacies!! But wait till you see it! It is awesome!
The main feature is this canary yellow wall with strings attached and bird silhouttes sitting on it along with post cards with the clips! Truly AMAZIng!!
Please try to ignore the characters! this was the best I could get! Anyways the wall had its backdrop to this swivel bamboo chair!! How cool is that!
Looking precious! The chimes and cushions adding the funk!

Whats more! Vintage frames adorning the wall!! with vintage photos!

Here is a glimpse of it while the camera was rotating thus explaining the blurriness of the picture!

The other showstopper is this birds cage over the lime arm chair! The bird cage has a white porcelain bird in it and is wrapped with fairy lights and becoming magnificent!
This is another image that I caught while the camera was rotating! Notice there is no bed in the room, the sleeping area is on the mattress, which works beautifully here. But I cannot help wondering if there would have been a bed what sort would have worked the best.. hmmm… Point to ponder..

Another view! I am not very keen on the fairy lights on the curtain rod.. But they too are working their magic!

The bird cage upclose and rotating thus the blurriness!!

And I come back again to the wall!! Doesn’t that make you smile! 🙂

The tragedy in the movie, the hero is leaving the home they created together but how can you take your eyes off that wall!!

The pop of pink frame the pattered ethnic cushions the decal perfection.. Just perfection! So sad that the hero is leaving!
I wanted a closer look at those cushions and this is what I could get!
The house was shown as a deprecated old flat so it does’nt have any of the fine detailings the wrought grill and the switchboards are obvious all around! But the star that steals the show in this image(if you can make anything out of it) is the dresser!! What a marvel!!

Here it is on a closer look!

Cute accessories!

Mirror is very interesting! Bit plain!

But then heroine dressed her up with these cute belts! 🙂
Other features were tons of books everywhere!!
And a terrific ladder full of them!

A cute little breakfast nook or dining area whatever you call it! But the sign is so cute!
This (below) is the entire image crappy  I agree, but do you notice the layered rugs and the knot of scarves in the corner!
I am still swooning over the images! And my mind is racing in all directions! There is nothing like a Monday morning inspiration!
Have an Awesome week ahead!

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