Room Project: Before pics

It feel like ages since i blg last time.. and i am sure it has been as well.. But i am most excited to be back and I have loads to share.. I have two BIIIG projects to reveal.. and the first stop is this room! my room back home! These are the Before pics.. It desperately needed help for sure!
The room is a good spacious room with lots of white bare walls.. The furniture seem to fall loosely around with nothing to pull it together.. My sister painted the rainbow for my little girl when she was born and it held its own meaning..
There is this angle to thge wall which makes it difficult to place side tables alongside the bed.. Than there is this niche, which was initially painted red to add color to the room but looked pretty lame actually!
Apart from the bed and the side table the room has this black couch and a big bearly dark brown desk which is used a s a work table and a baby changing table simultaneously.  

More to come on this soon…

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