winter 2011-2012 fashion must haves!

As I look out of my window to a beautiful cloudy Sharjah sky!! I cannot help but think finally!! Winter is here in UAE!! Here are my staples for this winter..

1. ombre plaid coat: plaid coat is biiiiig this season! I love it in all shades and hues, but I particularly loved this ombre plaid coat. Talk about statement!!

2. patterend sweater dress: I love these sweater dresses.. Any patterend sweater would work well cobra society, tribal, this one is Napalese! Isn’t it gorgeous! and those knee length boats! how could you possibly go wrong with this!

3. big wooly large collard cardigan: There is nothing known as winter without big comfy wooly cardigans! I love them, crave them, want thgem! and all I am into this season is grey!
4. striped sweater: Stripes! stripes! stripes! A must have for any season! I love this high neck in red and black!

5. ruffled drape sweater: this sweater is just too cute for words! what a perfect go to item paired with jeans and boats!

6. drape cardigan: For all those not-so-cold-yet days a little cardigan is all that you need to keep you away from sniffles!

7. basic cape shawl: I am all for cape shawls this season! Definitely going to opt for a statement shawl. However, this basic seems fine to me as well!

8. white ruffled shirt: And what better item you can buy than a white ruffle shirt to cap it all!

Now that my winter list is organized I really hope that we get really nice chilly break from the sun here in UAE! 🙂

Have a wonderful, cozy and chilly week ahead! And I am off to compile my winter acessories look! 🙂

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