wall stencil!

I am so excited to start this new project.. my own room!! .. and to star toff there was this first question of thte wall behind my bed.. I want to make it a feature wall.. But the question was to paint or wall paper!! I rolled the options over and over and over in my head.. nothing seems to be perfect! What I am looking for is a neutral largely black and white room whcih can be turned and reinvented with accessories!

So the wall!! and then I read this post from allthingsthrifty and immediatlely knew my answer.. It will be wall stencil! I loved the way her wall turned out and how it opened endless possibilities!

So here are my optioins!

so my first option was something like


But than I ran into this beautiful image and I am all for it!! I think this is it!! 🙂
The beautiful transformation and the tutorial is all here.

image 1 hawaiidermatology

image 2 wall-designs-guides

image 3 homedeco2u

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