Table lamps!

I am currently hunting table lamps for my room and have found some serious beauties! I keep falling in love with them over and over again!
 I am very warm about these lucite table lamps,but than I flip over those tall sculptural ones. And ofcourse the round glittery ones will always be one of my favs!
Lucite table lamps

Sculptural table lamps 

 These round statement lamps!

image 1 lucite table lamp
image 2 kartell lamp
image 3limoges table lamp
image 4 Alchemy gold sculpture lamp
image 5Balthazar gold finish lamp
image 6 Midium glitter ball table lamp

3 thoughts on “Table lamps!”

  1. I love them.. but i dont knw why i am so drawn to kartell lamps.. I just have to have them.. i dont knw if they are the wisest choice…. but i am still going for them…. 🙂 lets see

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