Office space Love

In the past few days I have seen some seriously drool worthy offices!

Horrible Bosses
Kevin Spacey in Horrible bosses! I mean I could not take my eyes off the screen and from that decor ! How chic can that office get..

I am extremely appologetic about the screen shots as there were no photos available for now, but just look at that space.. I love the console area behind and that painting is OMG! and those lamps. Can you see the beautiful balance I mean I just love this place!

The bar and the book case!

The gorgeous pops of crystals sculptures!

Love that sketch painting!

How can you concentrate on your boss while you are standing in such a place! I would have never been able to ever!

And the second office that got me mesmerizing is  Neil Peter’s office in none other than smurf! My daughter has watched it for like a hundred times so I get to take a good look at it everytime! Completely different from the above mentioned but equally mesmerizing. And looking closer I can see some of the similarities!


I mean just look at the art! I love the idea of a console as a place for your desktop and that book case!

image source: youtube

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