Summer Trends: clothing

I have taken succcccccch a long time to manage this post that I just have to get this out of my system! Its like I am stuck! what is it called bloggers block! Anyways one of the reason I took such a long time to put this together was coz I juuuuust didnt know how to narrow it down! the more I got closer to getting it done the more I got the ideas and the further I got away from the goal which was to get it posted! It was a fun and exhausting ride!
Here is my take of the season ( bit late but finally here)
1. From the most prestigious lawn magazine _ gulahmed this what I have picked for the season.
2. I am obsessed and i mean literally obsessed with these colors_ coral and green !! Love them on clothes, bags, shoes accessories! Love to play with them in almost evverything.
3. This monotone orange dress is every wardrobe staple. Don’t mind it in hot pink or in crimson as well!!
4. Pattern play in this beautiful floral dress_ love the colors love the patterns and the mixing! This one is definitely making way in my wardrobe this summer.
5. primary colors basic. simple. fun. mix and match and play!
6. Navy blue polka dress with nude accesories and gold bracelets_ a complete no fuss no fail summer outfit!
7. Love the colors and the accessories with these patterns! Purple and orange! love that! (unkown image)

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