Michelle Adams: Lonny Mag

If you havent already gotten your hands on this months issue of Lonny magazine than you definitely need to check it out!
I am absolutely in love with Michelle adams and her style! Its amazing how you can fall in love with a thing and then take that and gather all the things you love and create a home!
Bold, monchromatc, pops of color, lots of whimsy, and vigenettes alll in a small space!! We never get tired of that right!

absolutely love this african thing turnd into art!

And the fabric is OMYGOSH!

a cute coffee table vigenette
The chair and the chaise! TO-DIE-FOR 

How well do they work! the console, the geometric lamp and the skateboard even the peek of chevron shower curtain

Love this vigenette!

and this!

and this!!!

sweet sweet animal print lamps! there is a whole lot more but ofcourse I am sure you already must have analyzed and overanalyzed and zoomed in on everything in this lovely place!
Me well what can I say.. I am obsessed!

 image source: Lonny magazine

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