orange and lettuce salad

I was reluctant to try this combination of lettuce and oranges and carrots and dates! but when you have beautiful sunny lettuce leaves calling your name and not real partners till they wilt from the sweetness that is almost palatable.. I am sure you will make it work too and love!
The lettuce was crunchy, gorgeous and lightly sweet.. oranges were not out of the cold storage but real fresh from the farm ripe, juicy flavorful.. dates were local produce too and carrots so sweet that would turn a carrot repeller like me in a convert.. A total cold day winner lunch salad with a light vinaigrette



4-5 Lettuce leaves torn
1   Orange 
1   carrot julienne
1   cucumber Julienne
1   tomato sliced in four
4-5 dates
olive oil
salt & pepper
Place all the ingredients in a bowl. Add a dash of vinegar and olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Adjust according to taste.

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