Inspirations for girls bedroom


A room makeover Β calls for tons of planning, budgeting, moodboarding and most of all inspiration hunting!!!!! And that is what all i have been about! surrounding myself with pretty images and daydreaming my little girl in them!!

Here are some I have narrowed down! BBUUUT I am still cruising through dozens more! πŸ˜€


pretty mix of patterns


Basic pretty storage


raindrops wall decal

girls bedroom inspiration 2

Pink dresser

girls bedroom inspiration

Fun pillows


Fluffy pillows


Cute accessories

girls bedroom inspiration 3

Ethereal feature wall.. I have been obsessing over feature walls and for more feature wall inspiration goΒ here

girls bedroom inspiration 5

I am in love!!!Β hmmm pink and mint!!! mind racing!!

For more pretty girls room images and inspirations follow my pinterest boardΒ girls bedroomΒ πŸ™‚ its a pretty place to be ❀ ❀

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