Feature wall round up

This year I have been busy with alot of sprucing up!! It has been alloooong time and my walls have been screaming for help everywhere!!!

I first started the room which was mesed up the msot the kids room

It went from blah to blah blah  and some more blah blah blah and finally it got shaped into the colorblock wall statement it was meant to be!!

DSC_7492girls bedroom makeover 19

The process was easy!! not that hard. I think that the hardest part was choosing the colors. The rest was a weekends work for sure!!

You can read all about it here and see the before and after posts as well here.

And the room transformation here

The next was my room screamng for help again

SO for my room I did something different!

I ditched paint!! And literallly it was a 2 hour project!!!!


I turned the blah wall in my room into a show stopping grid wall

You can view the entire wall and the before/after here Grid feature wall bedroom!!

Our living room has been sporting the cutest chalkboard wall!!!! And the compliments we get for it are like unbelievable!! Its literally the most amazing feature wall we could have!

here is our chalkboard wall

chalkboard wall 1

you can read all about it here

And here is what I did to it!!!!

As if the chalkboard wall was not enough!!

I added black and white striped ceiling zing!!!!!!!

you can check out the entire post here and here!

There are a couple more projects all under 30 $ that I am still working on and will soon be sharing!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired this New Year to bring your walls and homes to life!!

Have a fantastic day!!!

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