My Work Space




My office! The little place of heaven I have for me to gather all the crazy ideas and shape them into something. Its actually a console and our entrance. I drag a chair from the dining and cozy it up with adding faux fur to it! and voila! our entrance doubles as my office!

I love that its practical, saves space and is the perfect little spot for me to work when noone is home 🙂 🙂 daughter at school and hubs at work. The little one can hung on to me as much as he wants! Coz he loves it there too!!! a.k.a the laptop and all things digi 😀

So anyways! The chair and console table both are from ikea.

I brought in art to jazz it up! and Love the sunburst mirror! My rule is every entrace should have an orchid and a sunburst mirror. Well thats also true for work spaces 😀 Just love my sunburst mirror, and this table was soooo lonely for a while without the orchid i scored form ace! soooo much better now



I fell in love with this chair and bird print on khaadi one of our local brands. its actually a cushion cover which I bought in hope for it to find a place or buddies somewhere in future! But it was just not pretty to be hidden in a closet! So I framed it in an ikea frame and Ta-da jazzed up work space annnd entrance.




The mouse pad which is also a score from khaadi (love the print) is actually a table mat or coaster or sth! But fits perfectly into my pretty mouse pad needs 🙂




This side of my workspace (divided largely by my laptop which moves around) is really fun. A cute picture frame with a lovely moment, a coffee mug which is like esssssential for my mornings! a chalkboard coaster which is for my coffee mug.

An ispydiy rock paper weight and a gorgeous DIY string diamond art by me. For which you can find the full tutorial diy easy



Does anyone else love ispydiy as much as i do! Its unbelievably cool. An ispydiy  tutorial for tissue paper mugs! didnt do the tissue paper version of it. But it inspired me to use pretty colors on a mug recovery. And I also created a paper weight out of rock on the similar polka dot lines! isn’t it cute 😀 Full tutorial to be posted soon.

PicMonkey Collage



And the rug is my absolute favourtie vintage dhurrie rug from my moms dowry! back in the 1970! 🙂 Precious!








so this is my cozy little nook for endless pinteresting, planning, dreaming and blogging!

Every creative person should have a sanctuary to embark on new adventures 😀

Happy blogging!

Have a fabulous day !


Easy Chocolate cupcakes with MnM choc ganache

chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 3

What every parent should do on a Friday morning or a Saturday or a Sunday morning???

Bake Chocolate cupcakes with kids!!! and than take them on the other level with chocolate ganache!!! and than make kids fall in love with them(if they aren’t ecstatic already!!) even more with some tossed crushed (or whole) mnms on them… 🙂 Best and yummiest PJ activity!! Now does that image not bring a smile to your face or what?!



chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 5


My daughter wakes up every Friday morning before us! Well us being super lazy after a night out and dizzy after the week. But kids hardly know that. She wakes up bursting with energy as usual and is eager to jump right ahead on the weekend! which is not possible always. She bursts into our room in her PJs (well sometimes she gets dressed by herself too before bursting in!) and demands cereal and movie or her ipad! considering we are still asleep! Most often we succumb and she is set up for an hour or two, but then what! she is bored and up to mischief.. and our groggy noises aren’t doing any good 🙂

So? solution: Friday morning is the cooking time in our family.

😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

We bake, we whisk we laugh, we crack eggs, we scoop, we measure, sometimes spill (uh-oh), and kids love that!! There are plenty of easy recipes out there which are kid friendly but require parental guidance ofcourse! I tend to make my own. One of the best options is always to make cupcakes!!! and its also the first one she demands to do.



chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 7



She is responsible for : whisking, measuring, cracking eggs, pouring, smashing mnms and eating. 🙂

Enjoy the recipe!!!
chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 8

chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 9




Flour                               2 cups

Oil                                    1 cup

Eggs                                 3

milk                                 1 cup

cocoa powder                1/2 cup

baking soda                   1 tsp

baking powder              1 tsp

sugar                               1 1/4 cup

chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 10


1. Turn on the oven at about 250 C. Line a muffin tray with cupcake liners and brush with oil lightly. Set aside.

2. In a bowl combine all the wet ingredients, and whisk well.

3. Combine all the dry ingredients.

4. slowly add the dry ingredients one cup at a time while whisking into the wet ingredients. Continue till the batter is thoroughly mixed.

5. Pour it into the cupcake tray and bake for about 20 mins or till a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Chocolate gananche


Chocolate bar              40 gm(your fav bar)

butter                             1 tbsp

milk                               2 tsp


1. melt the chocolate in a bowl set in boiling water. add butter and milk and whisk. Add more butter to add gloss and more milk for better consistency and thinning.

And there you go! beautiful silky ganache ready to be licked and dipped 🙂



chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 11


To Decorate:

Take each cupcake and submerge the top in the ganache. Rotate it a bit and take it out!!


chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 4

Top with crushed or whole MnMs!!! Heaven!!!!!

chocolate MnM cupcakes with Chocolate ganache 2

Well now our Friday mornings are not full of sleep ins, but they are definitely much more sweeter and rewarding and fun!


Chalkboard Wall


As couple we often find polarized when it comes to making mutual decor decisions. So when my husband declared I was relieved when my husband said he wanted the living room feature wall to be chalkboard wall!!! Finallly!! I thought I wold never have one.


we have two feature walls in our living room + dinging room space. Me and my husband split it between each other. I was responsible for the dining room wall featured behind the frozen birthday party . And my husband was responsible for the tv display wall. For the dining room wall I was clear and concise it had to be stripes. The living room wall was open for experiment and what i had in mind was some maybe ombre or color block or CHALKBOARD! honestly i never thought my husband would pluck the nerve but he did!!


I have to admit i was pretty nervous when i first held up the chalk to the wall. to make things easier i broke it down into four sections.  I always loved the Dubai skyline and my husband wanted the algebra equation. The tv turned out to be our starting point becoz it had to be in the middle and to add frame to it was simply to make it a part of the feature wall. And MY feature wall had to have the typography or calligraphy whatever its called. I had soooo much fun fiddling around with chalk. The thing about chalk is that you even love the imperfections. 🙂
chalkboard wall 1

chalkboard wall 3 chalkboard wall 4 chalkboard wall2chalkboard wall 8

chalkboard wall3


I love my whimsical personality and character to our living room…:)