Lamb roast

One of the biggest way you can celebrate fall is with a biiiiiig platter of falling off the bone meat with a bunch of vegetables grilled to perfection!!! This is my fool proof recipe to tackle cold nights or a big party!!! Its easy, delicious and filling! One of those recipes that you can easily [...]

Chex mix

Did I mention what a huge tea lover I am!!!!  I drink on average 2 cups a day! Not much you say… Buuuuuuut... There are some days where it goes waaaay more than this healhy level to over the top level than I would like to admit! Lets not indulge in my tea drinking habits.... [...]

Chai latte

        There is nothing in winters than a big pot full of bubbly creamy sweet chai latte simmering with cardamoms and smelling diviiiiiine!!!!! I have many a fond memories associated with the sweet milk teas on cold winter nights with cracking peanuts!!!! There is just sometihing sooooo waaarrrm and cooozy about it [...]