Memphis Feature wall bedroom

Today’s post is more of a visual treat!

Means less talking more watching!!!!!!

If you know me you would want to know three things


pop of color,


This is what DEFINES my style

This is what DEFINES ME!!!

(well part of me) but whhhhole looooot of me!!

So you all know how I have converted my bedroom into a grid feature wall.

I have been loving and swarming in that geometrical heaven when I came across this post by Oh Happy Day!

This was my first ever taste of Memphis Design..

And than I translate my room into a Memphis decor!!

I had a very basic room in the accents of white. So all I had to do thanks to the feature wall add more stripes and layer it with some pop of colors. The wall facing my bed was turned into a canvas filled with geometrical bliss. And this is how it turned out!





Gorman room 8

I added a bit of contrast with the stripes on grid and added the accents in neon colors on a white canvas to make it all pop!

gorman room 11

gorman room 15

This feature wall has to be my favourite creation ever!!! I am seriously in love with it! I had a baallll!! creating it and every time I lay my eyes on it my heart skips a happy beat!

gorman room 16gorman room 17

gorman room 26gorman room 29

I used sideboards as an excuse to add the same elements_ stripes and a pop of color on a blank white canvas.

gorman room 30

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and also would you dare to live in a Memphis room??? Or a duct tape decorated room?? I would love to hear what you have to say!!

Have a gorgeous day!!!

Simple Tomato and herb salad


Today’s recipe is going to be a simple Tomato and herb salad.


As the summer approaches we start gravitating towards the summery stuff

I have to say in the salad domain cucumbers have always dominated my life!!

They are cooling and are a total treat when chilled on a hot summer day!!

I am not arguing the gloriousness of cucumbers here

What I want to bring to light is another vegetable which always seem to take an optional place in salads


Something just screamed lets go with all tomatoes today!

All i had was a bunch regular tomatoes and some cute little cherry tomatoes and some parsley! For me the idea is simple toss in chopped ingredients, play flavor with go to favs and than enjoy with bread!

minmal chopping minimal mess minimal time consumed and maximum flavours.

With thsi tomaot and herb salad i wanted to go bold and big with flavours. Nothing to hinder teh juicy tomatoes. No green chillies to ace it up.  or cucumbers or onions to pair. Just simple.gorgeous.tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil adn lemon,

If you dont knwo what i mean you have got to get the best qualtiy tomatoes at the peak of its season! The falvor is just goooorrrgeous!! They are robust and juicy and full of this bit tart flavor! I tell you summer is the perfect time to dig into these natural beauties!!



Tomatoes                         4-5

cherry tomatoes            4-5

parsley                            handfull chopped

lemonjuice                    1/2 tsp

olive oil                           1 tsp

a dash of salt


  1. Dice the tomatoes and parsley.
  2. squeeze the lemon juice adn olive oil
  3. Toss with a dash of salt.
  4. Sit back and enjoy!!

tomato salad 13

And how cute it is in this tin!! Just pop it in and you are good to go for a road trip or an outdoor snack!

Not only this Simple Tomato and Herb salad is super easy its also big no flavor!!! Have fun making it!!!

Have a gorgeous Wednesday!!









DIY Ikea hack light Chandelier


Raise your hand if you are a big fan of the gorrrgeous paper lights!

The glow of these lights is simply ethereal!!!!!

And I absolutley looooove the ambiance it creates!!!

The effect of the white ruffles of paper softens the light ten fold and somehow the light pouring out effect makes the whole chandelier into a dreamy glow!

And created from the humblest of all ingredients or tools

All you need is a:

  • Paper lantern of any shape and size
  • Parchment paper roll (depending on the shape and size of the light you want)
  • stapler pins

I loooove the DIYs which work without the glue!! I haaate glue and the stickiness and the messines! I am sure there are better crafts ppl out there who love glue and cannot be without it! But its simply not for me!


Enough for the glue

lets make it on to the DIY

DIY light chandelier 1

With the supplies on hand on with the show

DIY Collages

  1. Simply roll out the parchemnt paper and tear it till about 12 inch long.
  2. Crumple the paper into a ball by scrunching it in your hand.
  3. Start at the bottom and wrap it loosely around the lantern.Staple it in place to the lantern.
  4. Continue to repeat this process till the whole lantern is covered.
  5. Hang it up!


This is the unlit messy version you are aiming for!!

But let it glow!!!



How mesmerizing is that!!



DIY light chandelier 3


Let me know what you think about this easy DIY! This continues to be one of the easiest DIYs I have shared here! For some more DIY inspiration take a look at my DIY page! And for a complete view of girls bedroom makeover go DIY here

Enjoy your day!!